Blender Sculpting: Mouth & Nose

03 Jan 2018
Sculpt January 01: Mouth & Nose
Sculpt January 01: Mouth & Nose

I've decided to partake in something called Sculpt January. Sculpt something everyday for the month of January. It's a contest, but really the prize is that you'll get better at 3D Sculpting in 30 Days or less! 

I like that idea of getting better. So I figured why not. I'm pretty sure that I will NOT sculpt everyday, but I will do what I can. Each day of January is a different theme. First up is Nose and Mouth. My first attempt at making lips was pretty awful. So I was hyped to actually figure out how to make them... better. One of the secrets to getting better is do do that thing everyday. Even if only for a little bit. "Training is as performance does." Yes, I quoted myself on that one. 

Blender Brushes
Default Blender Brushes

One of the things I learned already was how/when to change brushes. Getting a fundamental understanding of what a brush does and what it's Alternate function does is crucial. My go to is the SculptDraw brush. This makes any line/buldge/valley that you may need. Before looking at someone else's process on Youtube I would've never started off using that brush. I would've chosen Blob and decided I can't sculpt so that's that. As a matter of fact, I did pick that one first, decided I couldn't sculpt, but I realized I didn't have a clue what I was doing so that's when I did some research to get this elusive "clue" that I was lacking.

Mouth Sculpt
Mouth Sculpt

What I found was someone's process of starting sculpt. I saw what tools, they used to make different shapes. CLUE!! So now, I had a basic understanding to start LEARNING.

Sculpting those Lips
Sculpting those Lips

Another thing I learned is that you definitely need to move the around the sculpture all the time. Otherwise, you'll have no idea how it actually looks. Spending too much time in one perspective or in one area of a sculpt can really skew your sculpt. Its similar to traditional pencil drawing on paper when you have the paper a little too far away and at an angle from you. When you're done and take a look at your drawing you'll find that the entire drawing is at an angle!

Sculpting the Nose
Sculpting the nose.

At this point I was done with the lips, however, I realized that I had been working on the mouth too long. I needed to move on to the nose to make sure that they work visually together. I suppose starting from the nose bone is good cause it supports the underlying structure of a nose. I don't think I did that my ideal approach. I think I raised the nose bone area first but then focused on the soft intricate bits of the nostrils. Fun stuff. Because with each stroke you're basically creating a different person.

Sculpting Nostrils
Sculpting Nostrils. Straight up there!

Sculpting Cheeks
Look at those cheeks!

Overall, this was a great experience. I learned tools, I learned more about human mouth and nose creation. Can't wait for the next one!

Thanks for watching!!