Blender Sculpting: My First Person Thingy

23 Dec 2017
Second Sculpt Person Thingy
Second Sculpt: Person Thingy

For my second sculpt I tried my hand at making a person. Sure the ramp in difficulty is huge going from an ear to a person. I was so excited that I didn't care.

So my first sculpt ever, the weird blob with an ear sticking out of it, was super fun. After finishing it I was so pumped. I couldn't believe that I just sculpted a digital model of what looked like a real live ear! Just one day prior, the thought of making something like this seemed ... not out of my reach, but more like I have to reach really far.

Second Sculpt Person Thingy b
Second Sculpt: Showing back collar sculpt

Anyway, I learned a lot even in these two sculpting sessions. For starters I think when making a person or, frankly anything with limbs, I'll make those after I've roughed out the main torso/body region. I know about masking and that will help me from happy little sculpting accidents, but one thing at a time. 

One of the interesting things I realized when making this is that because its digital, even if I messup, I can keep going and make it work. Like this backpack on this persons torso. I was NOT trying to make this. I was simple trying to make a woman's back. But because of my brush choices her back had so many weird bumps that did not match a human skeleton, I tried to correct. I messed it up and ended up making a huge humpback!

Second Sculpt Person Thingy c
Second Sculpt: That neck bulge up there will be part of a uniform of some sort. Don't worry about it so much.

I really didn't know how I was going to fix it. I tried to reduce the bulge, but whatever method I chose was not it. So I tried using different brushes. Low and behold! "That's a cool shape." I thought to myself. So I went with it. It kind of looked like a strap of some kind. At that point I started to see some possibilities.

Second Sculpt Person Thingy d
Second Sculpt: Straps baby!

I'm thinking that this is similar to the way it'll work with me for a while. At least until I feel like I know what I'm doing. Every step of the way though, I though what was on screen was the coolest thing I've ever made. Even at the end, even though my anatomy is weird on this model, I still think this is freakin' cool! I can't wait to just keep diving in.

Second Sculpt Person Thingy e
Second Sculpt: "Ok, we get it. You know how to zoom in and out!"

I suppose I can continue with this sculpt to make it a fully formed person, or I can abandon it and start fresh on a new sculpt. We'll see.

Thanks for watching!!