30 May 2017
The Big Guys
The Big Guys

These guys were fun. The challenge was create simple enemies that would hunt and take the player's life points / yellow orbs. There was to be no enemy animation. The can move, but they don't animate themselves.

To start I sketched a bunch of simple shapes. Simple because this game was not about character modeling, but getting fundamentals of designing a game. So Square, Circle, Triangle, etc.

Basic Enemy = 1 Cube + 1 Cube + 1 Cube


When I sketched the basic enemy design I knew I wanted them to be made up of, not just simple shapes, but the same shape. Time was an issue, character modeling wasn't. The large cube supported by the 2 smaller cubes added just a little bit of character to these guys.  

Enemy Turnaround
Enemy Turnaround: No Material


Enemy Turn Around 2
Enemy Turn Around: Blue Tiger Material
Enemy Turn Around 3
Enemy Turn Around: Zebra Tiger Material


The main difference in the enemies are the amount of attack damage they do to the Player/Ball. My thinking was that the Zebra enemies would be the most aggressive, the Blue Tiger guys, less aggressive, and the plane white guys to be "standard" aggressive. Since I didn't have time to program a lot of interactions with the enemies, I settled on a simple "Follow" mechanic with a variable attack damage depending on the enemy. Ideally, I would have had the enemies suck points from the Player every second they were in contact with the Player.

Ultimately the enemy types were paced well enough through the game, however, dealing/attacking the enemy could have been overtly expressed better to the Player.

Perhaps a small sequence when the player first encounters an enemy where the Player has no control (almost like a cut scene), the enemy attacks once, The Player's Orb meter Highlights showing that a point was taken away, then control returns to the player. This would make it clear that, "YES, these guys are the bad guys don't let them touch you".

Also, perhaps a pause of the game with a prompt showing to press the ATTACK button. Once pressed, the game continues. The player would have a clear understanding of how to attack these guys.


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